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We’re trusted liquor store consultants and liquor business advisors. Our work helps ensure the success of your business long-term. If you’re starting out or already operate an established liquor business, our liquor retail and liquor store consultants help you get the most out of your liquor license by implementing retail strategies that work. Since 2003, Thrive has helped hundreds of liquor businesses get started and flourish. Our advisors work with liquor retailers, manufacturers, liquor agents, importers and exporters in BC, Alberta and the USA. Thrive operational strategies increase profitability and make your business easier and more fun to manage. Through detailed reviews and audits, we provide a thorough assessment along with recommendations to implement. We also have your back if you need our support with implementation. Gain your cutting edge and thrive.

Your liquor business success is our passion

We’re passionate about helping our clients succeed. Thrive has become the go-to resource for liquor businesses who need a reliable advisor and integral member of their operations team.

You can rely on our advisors for a no-nonsense, easily actionable strategy. Our operational plans and strategy aren’t just theory. We’ve owned hospitality services businesses and have helped create countless successful liquor businesses.

We help with:

  • Liquor inventory audits (product selection and performance)
  • Margin review
  • Floor plan review and layout
  • Display and cooler layout
  • In-store marketing and promotion setup
  • POS setup and training
  • Policy and procedures recommendations (on-premise or retail)
  • Compliance and enforcement annual check-up (on-premise or retail)
  • Proforma financials to evaluate current and projected sales
  • License change applications

Liquor retail operations FAQ

1What experience do you have as a liquor store consultant?
We have been in the retail liquor consulting industry since 2003, and on-site liquor retail and liquor store consultants since 2010. We’ve worked with successful retailers as an external central purchaser, managed retail margins, and set benchmarking standards in house. Our liquor consultants have done everything from product pricing setup, liquor inventory audits and store operational reviews to compliance and enforcement audits and training. Let’s talk about your business. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!
2Will you work in my retail liquor store?
Yes! We’re happy to travel to your site and work with your team to implement operational retail strategies. We also work remotely as a go-to resource for your team. We customize our approach to suit your needs and budget. We’re often referred to as your “work wife” or “phone therapist”! Let’s see what kind of support you need.
3How much do your liquor retail strategy services cost?
Each business is different. Our fees can vary because your needs are unique. You can buy our liquor retail consulting products online, but the best place to start for a customized plan (or if you’d like to talk) is a complimentary consultation. Either way, we would love to hear from you!
4Will you create a policy and procedures manual for my retail liquor store?
Yes! It's critical for your store to manage its LCRB obligations and ensure compliance within this highly regulated liquor industry. One way to continually educate and train your team is by having policies and procedures that give your team guidance on how to handle situations. It’s also a great tool to have in place to help your local liquor inspector know and truly understand that you are a responsible licensee that follows all of the liquor license requirements as outlined within the LCRB Terms and Conditions Manual. Let’s talk about your situation. Contact us today!
5I see you provide liquor inventory audits. What does a liquor inventory auditor do?
A liquor inventory auditor identifies winners and losers in your inventory, winners and loss leaders that aren’t in your inventory (but should be), and annual stock peaks and valleys so you can plan for seasonal shifts in inventory. An inventory auditor also helps you with store and display setup, and retail store traffic flow, so high-value items and other inventory are easily found by customers. A liquor inventory audit ensures you have stock that sells, has good margins, attracts customers, and keeps them coming back to your store instead of a competitor’s store. If you’re living in a fast-paced environment and need things to move forward without wasting time, let’s talk.

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