How buying and selling works

If you’re selling a liquor license, we’ll help you find a motivated buyer. Your liquor store for sale in BC or Alberta has the perfect fit out there. Trust us in finding them. We’ll help you make the right decisions that provide the most benefit to you, and ensure it is done in an extremely confidential manner.

If you’re looking for a cannabis or liquor license for sale, we’ll help you find a motivated seller. You know you want to own a liquor or cannabis store, but you’re uncertain if you should buy a liquor license, cannabis license, or a turnkey operation. That’s where we come in. We match liquor and cannabis license sellers with buyers. We’ll find you the perfect fit!

Finding you the perfect match

Successfully buying or selling a liquor or cannabis license depends on matching two parties that have similar goals, values, and motivation. We have an extensive network of licensees and we monitor private retail liquor and cannabis businesses for sale to make sure pricing strategies remain competitive.

By vetting both the seller and the buyer, 97% of our transactions close.

While finding a buyer or seller who is motivated and will meet your terms is important, finding the right buyer or seller is vital to a successful sale. In our experience, matching buyers and sellers with similar values tends to lead to a smooth transaction and ultimately a finalized sale.

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Succession planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave, retire, or pass on. Succession planning is a critical component of any business and should always be considered in any strategic planning review. The majority of retailing stores in BC are family owned and operated. Multi-unit retail store owners often want family members to take over the business and decide the long-term plans for the company.

Thrive advisors work with families to review the current retail store holdings, evaluate the businesses and in some cases, provide options for acquisitions or mergers if family members don’t foresee the business continuing. We do the time-consuming, detailed work of store valuations, growth reviews and strategic planning to help you in your succession planning process.

We help family-owned businesses put sound succession plans in place. Our work provides you peace of mind and confidence that your legacy will be handled with great care.


Buying & selling licences FAQ

1How are your fees calculated?
Buying a liquor license or buying a cannabis license can be complex. We help to manage the process from start to finish. Our fees are paid at the closing to help make your transaction easier. Contact us to start a conversation or request a consultation.
2Who do you work on behalf of?
We work on behalf of vendors and do not take payments from those who are buying a liquor license. Our knowledge of the liquor license process and provincial regulations, help ensure you have a smooth transaction. Contact us so we can guide your sale.
3Can you sell my land and building?
No, we are not realtors and do not sell these items. We do work with some fantastic industry professionals who are realtors and would love to offer a referral to ensure your transaction is handled the right way. Connect with us for an introduction.

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