Alberta liquor & cannabis licensing

Alberta is often known as the Wild Wild West of liquor licencing. Complete applications get approved at a rapid pace, so competition is high! Our detailed knowledge of Alberta liquor license requirements reduces delays and further simplifies the process. We thrive on helping you get approved. Our insights will allow your business to start smoothly, grow profit, and run in a more enjoyable way.

Alberta liquor license applications & retail strategy

Having your Class D Alberta liquor license application approved is the first big hurdle you face when starting a retail liquor business. Navigating the complex Alberta government rules, regulations, and liquor license requirements can be difficult and time consuming if you do it alone. Your application approval depends on a thorough understanding of not only the requirements, but knowledge of what a successful application must consist of, in order to reduce delays.

Once your liquor license in Alberta is approved, you must continually safeguard it by ensuring your operation remains compliant with current and changing regulations. We are here to protect your license by helping you implement policies and procedures. Our guidance on your retail strategies will maximize your return on investment.

Alberta retail cannabis licensing & strategy services

Obtaining an Alberta retail cannabis license is as complex as getting an Alberta liquor license. It could be argued that it’s more difficult – given the newness of legal recreational cannabis use and sales in Canada. The Alberta government goes to great lengths to screen retail cannabis applications. Applicants must undergo background checks, seek municipal approval, meet business requirements, and comply with retail store requirements.

We partner with you to ensure your cannabis license application fulfills all requirements, decreases delays, and increases the chances of approval. Once your doors are open, we implement retail policies and strategies that help you succeed.

BC liquor license applications

Liquor manufacturers in Alberta require a Class E license (for distillers, vintners, and brewers) to manufacture, blend, and package liquor for sale. Class A licenses serve liquor products on-premise (such as in a restaurant or pub), and Class D off-sales licenses sell products to buyers who consume it at another location. Potential licensees face a labyrinth of requirements, documents, and due diligence.

Alberta liquor agents (who represent a manufacturer) must be licensed to sell, import, or export products. We work with liquor agencies to ensure all requirements are met and potential barriers are anticipated and addressed so you can obtain your Alberta liquor license with ease.

We also provide retail liquor and cannabis consulting to BC businesses and liquor consulting to USA businesses.

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