Why hire a cannabis license consultant?

Our cannabis license application services take you higher. Hire Thrive consultants and we’ll get you that BC or Alberta license and stop the bad puns. We’re not just blowin’ smoke. Oops.

If you’re interested in starting a bricks-and-mortar retail cannabis business, you’ll need an experienced guide to support you and ensure you fulfill every requirement. Cannabis licensing in Canada varies from province to province, which makes the application process confusing.

Incomplete or inaccurate applications are the main cause of application delays or rejection. Our retail cannabis license consultants do the hard work for you, reducing the burden and confusion and increasing the chances of license approval.

BC cannabis license applications

For your BC cannabis license application, Thrive will help you fulfill all requirements and documentation. Our streamlined application support process makes it easy.

Below are just a handful of requirements and documents we’ll ensure are complete and accurate before submitting your application.

  • Criminal record check
  • Copy of an agreement to purchase, lease, or sub-let the proposed store location
  • Photos of the store’s exterior and signage
  • Floor plans including all amenities such as washrooms, entrances, exits, cannabis storage, sales counter, and register locations
  • Locations of security cameras
  • Site plan: including the store footprint, locations of other businesses, road access, and parking
  • Documents of organization structure
  • List of key personnel
  • Financials statements and tax filings for the past 3 years
  • Projected financial statements
  • Funding sources
  • Documentation of debts and loans
Visit the BC Cannabis Licensing portal for an up to date list of requirements. Give us your papers. We’ll do the work!

Alberta cannabis license applications

Alberta, like BC, has a lengthy list of requirements. By putting Thrive cannabis license consultants on your team, you can rest easy knowing that necessary requirements and documentation are complete. Requirements include:

  • Particulars of individuals (directors, shareholders or officers, manager)
  • A detailed floor plan of the premises
  • Site plan of neighbouring businesses
  • Offer to lease
  • Incorporation particulars
  • Shareholding company particulars
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Acquisition of cannabis products
  • Cannabis licensee acknowledgement and undertaking
  • Separation of business
  • Copy of lease agreement or certificate of title
  • Approved development permit
  • Municipal business license and written approval from the municipality
  • Fire safety approval

Visit the AGLC Cannabis Licensing pages for an up-to-date list of requirements.

Lighten your workload, and let us take care of it for you.


Liquor strategic planning FAQ

1What experience do you have with cannabis licenses in Canada?
Thrive cannabis license consultants understand each province’s retail cannabis license application requirements and processes thoroughly, although currently, we only offer BC and Alberta application support services. Retail cannabis licensing is new and evolving, so very few consultants have experience dealing with government rules and regulations. That’s where Thrive is unique. Since 2003, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of liquor license applications that have considered various branches of government. We speak their language and our relevant experience helps us more easily navigate the complexities and advocate for clients.
2Does working with a cannabis license consultant guarantee application approval?
No one can guarantee license approval. If a cannabis license consultant makes that claim, run the other way! However, working with Thrive substantially increases your chances of license approval because we leave no stone unturned. If, on the other hand, you do it yourself, there is a very good chance you’ll miss something and suffer the frustration, time, and cost of a do-over. Application delays and rejection can be caused by just one small missing piece of required information. If you live in a fast-paced environment and need things to move forward without wasting time, let’s talk.
3Will you travel to my location?
Absolutely, although it’s often not necessary. Much of what we do can be done remotely, but we do travel as required to provide the right help for our clients. Let’s meet!
4I’ve been operating an online medical cannabis store. Can I shut it down and apply for an online retail cannabis license?
Unfortunately, you can’t. In BC and Alberta, government-operated stores are the only permissible online cannabis retailers. Want to apply for a non-medical retail cannabis store, contact us.
5I was involved in the operation of an illegal dispensary, which is now closed. Can I apply for a retail cannabis license?
BC has said “Yes”, you may apply. In Alberta, you’re not eligible if you’ve been involved in the illegal drug trade or participated in the unlawful cannabis trade, including illegal retail, or medical sale of cannabis seeds and/or CBD products. Have more questions? Schedule a complimentary consultation today.
6How much do your BC and Alberta cannabis license application services cost?
Request a free consultation! We are transparent in the way we work with our clients. Once we know your business needs, we’ll estimate the scope of our work and supply you with detailed information and an estimate of time and fees.

If you’re looking for trusted advisors who work in partnership with you to ensure the success of your business, let’s talk.

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