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Cannabis store business plans and strategy ensure you start out right and stay competitive. Because provincial governments restrict how you market and advertise your non-medical cannabis store, retail strategic planning is vital to success and growth. It’s not enough to just open your doors, start selling and dream of profits! Retail success requires goals and actionable plans based on experience and data.

We’ve worked in BC’s erratic retail liquor market as business advisors and strategists since 2003. Our skills are perfectly aligned with retail cannabis businesses because the same government agency that regulates liquor retailers also regulates cannabis retailers. Our experience is much deeper than that of a typical cannabis consultant. Not only do we understand cannabis licensing, government requirements and compliance, we know how to create and implement cannabis store business plans and set your retail cannabis business up for success.

Cannabis store planning & strategy made easy

Whether you run a start-up or have already opened your doors for business, our reliable advisors will take care of the details that make a cannabis store successful. Our retail cannabis consultants are there for you every step of the journey, throughout the life of your business.

We live for the details, drudgery of spreadsheets, and mind-boggling metrics that are the basis of effective planning. We analyze the retail cannabis market, statistics, other businesses, and cannabis products, to create plans and strategies that become a solid foundation for reliable revenue and growth.

We provide:

  • Cannabis license application (Link to the “Liquor & Cannabis Services > Cannabis License Application” page) support
  • Start-up planning
  • Short-term and long term business planning
  • Competitor research
  • Market research and benchmarking
  • Demographic and statistical analysis
  • By-law and government regulations research
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Compliance audits
  • Optimized retail operation set ups

Cannabis retail strategic planning FAQ

1I’m starting a retail cannabis store. I don’t need a cannabis store business plan yet, but would love to use you as a sounding board. Can you help me?
Yes! We’re always happy to lend a helping ear. We can answer questions you have about requirements, regulations, store location, store set up, and more. We also help start-ups apply for a retail cannabis license and can mentor and guide you through the start-up process. As mentors, we have answers to the many questions start-up founders have. If we don’t have the answer on hand, we always find it. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.
2I’m busy and it’s hard to fit in face-to-face meetings. Do you offer your services remotely?
Yes! We frequently provide our consultation services remotely. While we love to meet our clients and sometimes it is necessary to come to your place of business, meetings and planning can be done remotely. We’re flexible and try to fit into our clients’ busy schedules. Send us a message and we’ll schedule a remote meeting.
3How do you help set up a retail cannabis store?
First, we ensure that you understand the government set up requirements to the letter before you plan a retail cannabis store build. We also ensure that the tenant improvements conform to municipal zoning requirements. To help you remain compliant, we create in-store policies and procedures that are easily followed. Let’s talk about your vision.

If you’re looking for trusted advisors who work in partnership with you to ensure the success of your business, let’s talk.

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