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Thrive liquor consultants increase the likelihood of liquor license application approval. We eat, sleep, and dream liquor licensing. Seriously, we love the work that drives you to drink.

The biggest hurdle faced by liquor retailers is liquor license application approval. If only it were as easy as submitting or mailing one form. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Liquor license approval depends on correctly fulfilling all requirements and understanding what the government looks for before giving an application the green light.

Our efficient processes reduce application delays and increase the chances of approval. Whether you need liquor licensing in BC, Alberta, or the USA, our liquor license consultants save you time and get you started more easily.

Liquor license application process

If you’re wondering how to get a liquor license in BC, Alberta or the USA, there isn’t a simple answer. Requirements vary depending on the type of liquor license you require and which Canadian province or US state your business will operate in. Our liquor license consultants understand all the requirements of each license type in each province and various states.

We save you time by doing the work to help you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Personal information and history for the owners, officers, directors, and/or partners
  • Criminal records check for the owner and/or partners
  • Letter(s) of intent
  • Floor plan and patron capacity
  • Amenities plan that shows the locations of bathrooms, parking, road access, and other liquor retailers operating nearby
  • Corporate documents
  • Food service details (if applicable)
  • Fire safety and security documentation
  • Patio or lounge details (if applicable)
  • Financials and sources of funding
  • Municipal government approval
  • Public notice consultation (if applicable)
  • Responsible service training

Types of liquor license applications

Thrive takes the work and headaches out of applying for the following types of liquor licenses:

  • Private liquor store license
  • Restaurant, bar, or tavern license
  • Manufacturer’s license (for distilleries, vintners, breweries, and/or U-brews)
  • Agent license (an agent is an official representative of a manufacturer)

Liquor license application FAQ

1What experience do you have helping clients with liquor license applications?
We’ve provided liquor licenses and strategic consulting services since 2003. Rebecca Hardin, lead hospitality licensing consultant, has helped hundreds of businesses, small and large, apply for and earn liquor license approval.
2Do you guarantee application approval?
We can’t guarantee application approval, but we can tell you that our success rate is about 98%. We understand the liquor licensing terrain and have years of experience working alongside government agencies and advocating on behalf of our clients to find the best solution for your business. If you’re looking for trusted advisors you can count on, let’s talk. Request a free consultation here.
3Do you need to travel to my location?
We travel to our client’s place of business when needed. In many cases it’s not necessary. Whether we work at your business or remotely, you get the same care, attention and experience. Contact us and we’ll make it easy for you.
4How long does liquor license approval take?
Approval can take several weeks to several months depending on the government’s current volume of applications. The timelines can also depend on the type of license, municipal consultation requirements, or requests for further information from the licensing authority. Let’s get started!
5How much does your liquor license application or retail strategy services cost?
Each business is different. Our fees can vary because your needs are unique. We would be happy to provide an estimate once we've consulted with you and can understand your specific goals. If you’re looking for efficiency, ease, and success, let’s talk. Request a complimentary consultation here.
6Will you help me apply for a retail cannabis license?
Yes! We help businesses in BC and Alberta with retail cannabis license applications. Learn more about retail cannabis licensing.

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