Guidance for your cannabis rezoning

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, and stress-free method to obtain your cannabis retail store license, you’ve come to the right place. Our cannabis license consultants will guide and support your business through the rezoning and/or municipal requirements to obtain a cannabis retail store license. Understanding the steps in the cannabis licensing process ensures your application has the best chance for success.

In Canada, federal, provincial and local governments all play pivotal roles in cannabis licensing oversight. This ensures that store owners abide by laws, licensing rules and regulations, and continue to be good neighbours in their communities.

We make it easy for you by taking the confusion out of rezoning and public consultation. We understand the complex world of provincial and municipal licensing, so you don’t have to!

Managing your public consultation process

Municipal governments seek public feedback, and establish zoning rules and by-laws that govern locations of non-medical retail cannabis stores. They also establish and enforce building codes, regulate cannabis store business licensing by-laws, and recommend in favour or against individual non-medical retail cannabis license applications.

Managing local government involvement is a critical step in the cannabis license application process to secure license approval and open a retail cannabis store. The steps vary from city to city and not all cities will even accept an application.The provincial governments of both BC and Alberta have placed significant importance on municipal approval. Without city approval, an application at the provincial level cannot go forward. Rely on Thrive to help guide you through the process.


Cannabis rezoning & public consultation FAQ

1What experience do you have with cannabis license applications?
We understand both BC and Alberta government requirements extremely well. Although retail cannabis licensing is new to everyone and there are few cannabis license consultants, Thrive Liquor & Cannabis Advisors has provided liquor license consultation and liquor retail strategy since 2003. In BC and Alberta, the same branch of government oversees both liquor and cannabis licensing. We are committed to leaving no stone unturned and aim for a successful outcome.
2Will you travel to my location?
Absolutely! Depending upon the circumstances, much of what we do can be done remotely, but we do travel as required to provide the right help for our clients. Let’s talk.
3How much do your BC and Alberta cannabis license application services cost?
Request a free consultation! Once we know your business needs, we create a detailed scope of work and supply you with information along with a budget that’s fully transparent.
4I’ve been operating an online medical cannabis store. Can I shut it down and apply for an online retail cannabis license?
In BC and Alberta, the government is legally the only permissible online cannabis retailer. In BC, you can apply for a bricks-and-mortar cannabis store license as long as you’re not currently operating within the illegal trade in any way. In Alberta, you’re ineligible. The AGLC website is clear: if you were involved in the illegal drug trade or unlawful cannabis trade, you cannot apply for a license.

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